Planning for your sport fishing charters can be a very exciting and confusing process. You can reserve anything from a 24’ panga to a 110’ super yacht with amenities ranging from simple fishing gear to full kitchens and waverunners on board. Here is a brief breakdown of the popular sizes of boats, their average prices, and what amenities are on the boat. For a full description, visit the Charter’s web site where you can also make your reservation. After you pick a charter boat, read the rest of our Cabo San Lucas fishing guide to get you prepared for the trip of a lifetime.

Boat Sizes:

  • 24’-30’ fishing boats are the smallest available and will only fit a maximum of 4 guests plus the captain and first mate. 4 anglers will be a tight fit on these smaller boats. Avg. Price = $450-$600/Full Day
  • 31’-39’ boats are more spacious and can accommodate anywhere between 4-6 anglers. There is one fighting chair, a bathroom on board, and the larger/higher end boats will have comfortable cabin space but they will be quite a bit more expensive. Avg. Price = $600-$1,300/Full Day
  • 40’-50’ sport fishing boats are provide some luxury amenities and can comfortably fit anywhere from 6 to 8 passengers. Almost all of the charters around this size will have spacious lounges with seating, kitchenettes, a television, 1 or 2 staterooms, and 1 or 2 bathrooms. Avg. Price = $1,200-$2,400/Full Day\
  • 52’-70’ yachts are luxurious fishing boats that have everything you would expect in a 5 star hotel, but on the water where you can catch some giant Tuna. They can fit 8-10 anglers extremely comfortably. Usually, the yacht will have a few staterooms, beds, bathrooms, full kitchen, big screen TV, air conditioning, and much more. Taking out one of these boats will be the trip of a lifetime. Avg. Price = $2,500-$3,800/Full Day + All Inclusive options
  • 70’+ super yachts are the equivalent of a penthouse on water. They are the elite of the fishing boats in Cabo San Lucas and can pamper up to 25 guests (after 12, every additional guest will cost $100/hour). Not only do these boats come with the top of the line fishing equipment, they often are also equipped with scuba diving gear, waverunners, kayaks, and much more to give you the ultimate sea experience. Avg. Price = $4,500-$10,000/Full Day

What is or isn’t included?

When you are choosing a charter boat for your fishing adventure, you need to confirm in advance what is and is not included in the advertised price. Almost all of the Cabo San Lucas charters have a phone number with someone that speaks English willing to answer questions. Give them a call and ask about the following items to figure out what the true cost of taking the boat out for a day will be.

  • Fishing Licenses: $13 per person, per day. This can add up if you have 8 people going fishing.
  • Taxes: Usually the 11% Mexican tax is not included, and that can make a big difference in total price.
  • Food and Drinks: Some provide anything from just water and snacks to full meals with alcohol included. Others might give you a bare bones deal and expect you to bring your own food and drinks or they should have an optional fee to provide them for you.
  • Live Bait: Usually cost $2 or $3 per fish
  • Dock Fees
  • Ice
  • Filleting and Freezing of Catch: You are likely to want to bring back several fish for either eating at your hotel or freezing to take home and you don’t want to be surprised by an extra fee when you get back to the docks. Ask ahead to see if there is a complimentary filleting and cleaning or if you will be responsible to pay the fee of $2/fish for small game and $12-$20 for large marlin.
  • Gratuity: Although it is never included in the price, it is something you need to consider when figuring the entire cost of the trip. 10-15% of the charter cost is a good tip and 20% is an amazing tip if you thought the service was exceptional.

Sharing a Charter Boat

Another option to consider when planning your charter is if you would like to share a boat with another group to cut down on costs. Advantages of a shared charter are that if you have a small group, you can split the cost with another party and save that money for another shared charter during your trip. You also might get to meet some really great people that you could later hang out with in Cabo. Problems that may arise include people having different catch and release views, one party getting seasick, 8 hours of time with someone you might not like, deciding who gets to catch the big marlin or gamefish of the day, and if the other party doesn’t show your trip is cancelled unless you are willing to pay the full charter price. It is a good option if you have just 1 or 2 people, but just be aware of the potential problems if you go this route.

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